Hello, I am Sara. I am a Mother, a wife, a fashion creator and a whole lot more. I like to say I am a Multi Purpose Hero.

I was in my mid teens, lost in love for the colourful 80’s when I decided establish myself as “Individual Fashionista”. 30+ years have now passed as I followed my heart Designing, Making, Dressing, Selling and Accessorising Fashions for myself and my many beautiful customers.

My love for the Rag Trade Industry has evolved into a hearts desire for noticing how Fashion turns into Style once acquired by the consumer.

See, I believe Fashion is an Industry and Style is our individuality. Individuality is a gift we were given at birth. I believe showing your individual style leads to a Smile. A Smile leads to a Shine. And the world needs more of us to Shine Brightly.

Living these beliefs with all my heart I make it my duty, my mission to ignite imaginations and connect with a community of passionate people who refuse to be ordinary in their style. I believe in creating an Annual Pop Up shopping environment that empowers customers to be creative, to have choice of product, variety of price and availability of stock. Most of all I believe in sharing my learnings through unconditional support and advice making shopping with confidence easy and simple.

My vision for my followers is to Adorn themselves in Fashion, Style their insides up, Smile with all their heart, Shine theirs Souls Bright while we strengthen our social selves together.

Sometimes I question my Unique style and thoughts,

then I remember, thats what makes me, ME!

With Love Sara x


I own some beautiful pieces and the workmanship and creative design and outstanding.


Sara always makes going to the races easy! She always can come up with a millinery piece to match my outfit!


BEST Millner around! I recieved so many compliments on my millinery and dress at the Cairns Cup.


Thank you so much for my purple and mint green millinery,
it went perfectly with my outfit for the races.